We keep bringing you articles every day about the big winners of mega jackpots or who revolve around the universe of the giants of the gaming industry. On this occasion, you may feel a little excluded by reading this kind of information which at first glance seems thousands of kilometers from what you experience on European soil. But you are most certainly forgetting that all common people have a right to be touched by Madame Chance’s grace and that you might as well be in the shoes of one of the big winners of super prizes that can drastically change a life. .

But still you have to really try your luck by playing, if only online on gaming platforms known to be reliable and especially to offer slot machine games or other virtual games offering fabulous progressive jackpots as on Casino777.be or Circus.

But if you are not too virtual games, know that many other games of chance are accessible via kiosks in all city centers and it is also on the side of some of them, at our neighbors, which we will turn to this Friday to end the week with two pretty, really surprising little stories of winners who had the good reflex to scratch a game at the most opportune moment of their life, when the luck was there for them. thank.

Two surprising stories

As we just explained to you, it’s time to wrap up this week with two rather unusual scratch game winning stories.

As you know so well, scratch tickets sometimes make people happy, and not only on the internet. And this was precisely the case for a lucky winner from the town of Monéteau in France. Located very close to Auxerre, this woman quite simply pocketed the pretty sum of one million euros thanks to the Millionaire; while a couple having scratched a ticket won € 250,000 thanks to the Crosswords game at the same time.

We must admit that scratch games are still very popular in France and that this is particularly paradoxical since these are games that openly offer very unfavorable odds. So that doesn’t prevent thousands of such tickets from being sold every day.

A player and her intuition

To know the whole story of this lady, we have to go back to the end of January 2019. We are then dealing here with a scraper who had a particularly lucrative intuition to start the year well. She will indeed decide to go to a bar-tobacco in Monéteau and will then be convinced once there that she must buy the very last Millionaire ticket that was left on the counter. Inner voice, sign of fate, boost of luck? In any case, strong to note here that the latter was no longer waiting for her!

We will learn, from the mouth of the tobacconist: “The winner had to go shopping, but not knowing why, she branched off and found herself in front of the bar in the Place where she bought the last Millionaire ticket presented in the cabinet. from the point of sale. She plans to buy real estate and travel. “

So we can certainly say here that it is a happy intuition that guided this player particularly in luck today, until the moment of scratching this net gain of € 1 million with this very last ticket that no one else has. had wanted to take that day before her.

Another place for another gain

And since we announced to you to tell you two pretty stories of winnings, here is also the second which highlights a couple who simply won € 250,000 in the Crossword game.

It is indeed on the side of another place and around another gain that we are now turning. Here is that a couple had the chance to buy a Crossword, which is in fact one of the scratch games offered by the FDJ, whose value in the end turned out to be € 250,000!

For the record, you should know that only two tickets of this amount were launched in France according to the Française des Jeux.

And it is therefore on the side of Douarnenez, which is a French commune located in the department of Finistère, in the Brittany region, that the miracle took place for these two people. The couple then went the next day to the payment center of the Française des Jeux, because winning a fortune does not really wait and our blog roulette.be is no shortage of stories around big winners who have just had the time to claim their winnings before a deadline, then taking the risk of seeing millions sometimes being able to fly away through negligence …

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